[ANNOUCEMENT] Kaffe OpenVM 1.0.5 released

Tim Wilkinson tim at transvirtual.com
Mon Oct 18 00:24:13 PDT 1999

			Kaffe OpenVM 1.0.5 released

Transvirtual Technologies, Inc. and the Kaffe Core Team today released
Kaffe OpenVM 1.0.5, the only complete Java implementation available with
a true Open Source license.

The release heralds a major improvement in the reliability and
of open source Java implementations.  Tests conducted with various Open
server side Java applications, including the popular Apache/JServ
webserver and
the Enydra Java/XML Application Server, demonstrate Kaffe out performs
Java Linux rivals by as much as 300%.  Kaffe also proves more reliable
other Java implementation which simple hang when running under heavy

With the availability of Kaffe 1.0.5, Transvirtual has released the
Java implementation for Open Source platforms.  While Sun and IBM pay
to Java on Linux and FreeBSD, Transvirtual targets these systems as
primary server-side, desktop and embedded environments.

Kaffe, developed using the Open Source model, once again demonstrates
how Open Source can offer a better, cheaper, faster and more reliable
than proprietary alternatives.

This new release of Kaffe also offer a number of new features,

* Bundling of the KJC Java compiler from Decision Management Systems
  (http://www.dms.at/kopi) - a complete JDK 1.2 Open Source compiler

* A complete Remote Method Invocation implementation written in
  with the GNU Classpath project (http://www.classpath.org).

* Support the the popular Cobalt Network Web Servers.

* Support for the MIPS and StrongARM processors (Kaffe already supports
  Pentiums, Sparcs, Alphas and Motorola processors).

Transvirtual Technologies, Inc <info at transvirtual.com) and
The Kaffe Core Team <kaffe at rufus.w3c.org>

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