[ANNOUCEMENT] Kaffe OpenVM 1.0.5 released

Vijay Saraswat vj at research.att.com
Mon Oct 18 00:39:34 PDT 1999

Folks ---

Is there any support for non-blocking I/O (e.g. poll)?

Prolly the single most glaring om ission in the standard libraries for Java.


Tim Wilkinson wrote:

>                         ===========================
>                         Kaffe OpenVM 1.0.5 released
>                         ===========================
> Transvirtual Technologies, Inc. and the Kaffe Core Team today released
> Kaffe OpenVM 1.0.5, the only complete Java implementation available with
> a true Open Source license.
> The release heralds a major improvement in the reliability and
> performance
> of open source Java implementations.  Tests conducted with various Open
> Source
> server side Java applications, including the popular Apache/JServ
> webserver and
> the Enydra Java/XML Application Server, demonstrate Kaffe out performs
> its
> Java Linux rivals by as much as 300%.  Kaffe also proves more reliable
> than
> other Java implementation which simple hang when running under heavy
> load.
> With the availability of Kaffe 1.0.5, Transvirtual has released the
> premier
> Java implementation for Open Source platforms.  While Sun and IBM pay
> lip-service
> to Java on Linux and FreeBSD, Transvirtual targets these systems as
> their
> primary server-side, desktop and embedded environments.
> Kaffe, developed using the Open Source model, once again demonstrates
> how Open Source can offer a better, cheaper, faster and more reliable
> product
> than proprietary alternatives.
> This new release of Kaffe also offer a number of new features,
> including:
> * Bundling of the KJC Java compiler from Decision Management Systems
>   (http://www.dms.at/kopi) - a complete JDK 1.2 Open Source compiler
> suite.
> * A complete Remote Method Invocation implementation written in
> collaboration
>   with the GNU Classpath project (http://www.classpath.org).
> * Support the the popular Cobalt Network Web Servers.
> * Support for the MIPS and StrongARM processors (Kaffe already supports
>   Pentiums, Sparcs, Alphas and Motorola processors).
> Enjoy
> Transvirtual Technologies, Inc <info at transvirtual.com) and
> The Kaffe Core Team <kaffe at rufus.w3c.org>

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