Kaffe/OSKit Announcement

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Mon Oct 18 11:53:57 PDT 1999

    The Flux Group announces the latest and greatest Kaffe/OSKit!

Kaffe version 1.0.5 (released earlier today) works *out-of-the-box*
with the Flux OSKit snapshot 990722.  That's right, you get the latest
version of Kaffe and the latest public release of the OSKit!  Its just
that easy to build your very own Java Operating System!

The Flux OSKit is a framework of ~31 component libraries for building
an OS.  It includes libraries for low-level x86 processor details up
to high-level file systems and networking stacks.

Get the details (and links to the sources) from:

Congratulations to the Kaffe Team for their great work on another
release and for making it available!

Pat Tullmann,
for the Flux Kaffe/OSKit Team
oskit-users at flux.cs.utah.edu

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