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Godmar Back gback at
Tue Oct 19 11:14:42 PDT 1999

 Below is the announcement of the latte VM.  Very impressive!
And it is released under a BSD license!

Unfortunately, the translator looks completely sparc-specific, but the
allocator/collector (for the most part) is not or it can easily be 
made portable.

Anybody want to integrate the allocator/garbage collector back 
into kaffe?

	- Godmar

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> Subject: [ANNOUNCE] LaTTe Java Virtual Machine
> Date: 18 Oct 1999 23:41:30 -0400
> Organization: Seoul National University
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> The LaTTe virtual machine has been released.  It is a freely available
> virtual machine intended to execute Java classes.  It can be obtained
> from <>.
> LaTTe is a research prototype for the study of dynamic (just-in-time)
> compilation techniques.  Among its features are:
> * A fast and effective JIT compiler with
>   - efficient register mapping and allocation
>   - "traditional" optimizations (e.g., common subexpression elimination)
>   - object-oriented optimizations (e.g., customization and specialization)
> * A limited framework for adaptive compilation, which is currently
>   based on method run counts.
> * A reasonably fast bytecode interpreter, intended to be used with
>   the adaptive compilation framework.
> * Lightweight monitors.
> * On-demand translation of exception handlers.
> * A fast, non-incremental garbage collector.
> As a result, the performance of the LaTTe JVM is competitive with that
> of commercial JVMs, such as Sun's Hotspot and JDK 1.2 production release,
> even without exploiting adaptive compilation.
> LaTTe runs on top of Solaris 2.5 or higher on UltraSPARCs.  Currently,
> there are no plans to port LaTTe to other platforms.
> LaTTe was developed by the MASS Laboratory at Seoul National University
> with sponsorship from the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.
> For downloading, documentation, and support please visit
> ===============================================================
> Thank you very much for your time in reading this announcement.
> If you have any questions about LaTTe, please contact us at
> smoon at, and we would be happy to help to the
> extent we can.  Please feel free to pass this announcement on to
> other colleagues who might be interested.  We hope you will enjoy
> the LaTTe web site.
> Prof. Soo-Mook Moon
> Seoul National University
> Dr. Kemal Ebcioglu
> IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
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