Derek L Davies ddavies at world.std.com
Thu Oct 21 10:24:44 PDT 1999


I am working on adding support for the Java Virtual Machine Debug
Interface to Kaffe.  If there are others working on this, please help
me coordinate with them.  Right now I've got JVMDI_EVENT_VM_INIT and
JVMDI_EVENT_VM_DEATH events working and am in the midst of getting
JVMDI_EVENT_SINGLE_STEP events done.  After that it's on to
breakpoints and the rest of the stuff.

I first considered adding interactive debug support to kaffe about a
year ago, after I finished up adding jdb support to Emacs gud mode.
At the time I was working at GTE and they owned everything I wrote,
whether on their time or not.  I knew I'd leave GTE so I put off this
project until then.  Now I've moved on from that job so I'm ready to
try again.

That's all for now,
Derek Davies
ddavies at world.std.com

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