Using Sun's stuff

Derek L Davies ddavies at
Fri Oct 22 14:03:32 PDT 1999

Sometimes I feel I would like to compare Sun's Java implementation
against Kaffe.  Would doing so prohibit me from contributing to
Kaffe's development in any way?  I'd guess that I shouldn't be looking
at their source code (ie don't sign the SCSL ;-) It must be o.k. to
read their specs and implement them, right (just checking)?  What
about header files?

Specifically I am working on JVMDI.  I have written a jvmdi.h file
that was derived completely from the JVMDI spec and my own noggin' - I
have never seen or possesed Sun's jvmdi.h .  Sun has an SDK for JVMDI.
I have not downloaded this at all, but it would be helpful in
developing a clone if I could do that.  Is it o.k. for me to download
and run this SDK?  Is it o.k. for me to examine the jvmdi.h they
supply with it?


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