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The rule is basically don't look at any source code and don't sign any
license agreements.  In the past we've excluded header files since you
need to duplicate their layout in order to be compatible with Sun (jni.h
being a good example of this).  At some level it's an infringement of
our clean-room rules and so it should only be done if there's no other
way whatsoever of obtaining the information (though I have no desire
ever to take this point to court, there is case law supporting this kind
of action).

So, yes you can download their binaries and play with them - if they
come with sources I suggest you remove them ASAP (if you avoid
downloading them all the better).


> Sometimes I feel I would like to compare Sun's Java implementation
> against Kaffe.  Would doing so prohibit me from contributing to
> Kaffe's development in any way?  I'd guess that I shouldn't be looking
> at their source code (ie don't sign the SCSL ;-) It must be o.k. to
> read their specs and implement them, right (just checking)?  What
> about header files?
> Specifically I am working on JVMDI.  I have written a jvmdi.h file
> that was derived completely from the JVMDI spec and my own noggin' - I
> have never seen or possesed Sun's jvmdi.h .  Sun has an SDK for JVMDI.
> I have not downloaded this at all, but it would be helpful in
> developing a clone if I could do that.  Is it o.k. for me to download
> and run this SDK?  Is it o.k. for me to examine the jvmdi.h they
> supply with it?
> Thanks!!
> Derek

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