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Daniel Tome Covelo dtome at ac.upc.es
Thu Oct 28 10:58:53 PDT 1999

Hello Core Team.
My name`s Dani, from UPC (Politechnical University of Catalunya, Spain).
Let me tell you my problem directly.
I`m working with Kaffe for an Alpha machine. I would like to use the JIT option, but it looks like it still doesn`t work. But I`m confused because in the README file it`s written that Kaffe forr Alpha supports JIT.
The configure program don`t enable the option. And forcing it neither works.
Will this feature be soon available? Or it`s me that I don`t know how to make it run properly. I don`t know.
Could you help me, please? Thanks.

Well, another question. I `have to` make a deep analysis of the Kaffe Virtual Machine, describing its techniques for each module, etc. I `have to` write a documentation about it to let more people work with it. To achieve it, I must understand all the code, and as it`s C, it`s never easy. Do you know if exist any documentation yet? Could you tell where I can get it?
You would `save` me from losing a lot of time doing such `dirty` work, if it has been done yet, instead of using your marvellous piece of code.... ;)

Now, seriously, could you help me? Lots of thanks to you.

	--Dani , the hardworker... :((

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