JIT Alpha (Was: About Kaffe)

Edouard G. Parmelan Edouard.Parmelan at quadratec.fr
Fri Oct 29 01:53:08 PDT 1999

Hi Daniel,

Daniel Tome Covelo wrote:

> I`m working with Kaffe for an Alpha machine.  I would like to use the
> JIT option, but it looks like it still doesn`t work.  But I`m confused
> because in the README file it`s written that Kaffe for Alpha supports
> JIT.  The configure program don`t enable the option.  And forcing it
> neither works.  Will this feature be soon available? Or it`s me that I
> don`t know how to make it run properly.  I don`t know.  Could you help
> me, please? Thanks.

Yes, JIT engine for Alpha processor was not upgraded to new stuff but
you can use interpreter engine.

I have made some work on exception handling for DEC OSF/1 but it's still
not working: trampoline code seems break libexc virtual_unwind.

The GNU/Linux Alpha JIT port is not upgraded.

If you have some knowledge on Alpha processor and Alpha calling
convention, could you help me to fix JIT Alpha ports ?
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