newbie classpath problem

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Wed Sep 8 09:19:51 PDT 1999

On Sep  8, 1999, "Frank Morton" <fmorton at> wrote:

> source='inflate.c' object='inflate.o' @AMDEPBACKSLASH@
> /bin/sh: @AMDEPBACKSLASH@: command not found

Make sure no, configure or aclocal.m4 in your source tree
is different from the files in the CVS repository (cvs update should
do the trick, assuming you have downloaded the snapshot with CVS).  If
you downloaded the tarball, you could start by touching, in this
sequence, aclocal.m4, configure, config/,
include/ and then all the `'s.  This should
prevent any configuration file from being rebuilt locally.

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