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Frank Morton fmorton at
Thu Sep 9 06:46:48 PDT 1999

Thanks to the list for helping this newbie along yesterday,
particularly Alan (alanlb at who hung in
there with me.

My object is to run some servlets that use quite a few classes
and are heavily threaded. I was under the impression that
the javax.servlet.* classes were untested but developed.
Am I missing something, or are they just shells in their
current state in need of development?

Is there a plan or people identified to develop the javax.servlet.*

Also, since it looked to me like the javax.servlet.* stuff doesn't
exist yet, I installed sun's jsdk 2.0, which ran simple servlets,
but crashed and burned on some of my threading stuff. Any
comments from anyone on threading from servlets?

I am still unclear if I am doing something unique or if lots of
people are running servlets with kaffe. Are you running
servlets with kaffe? Using apache-jserv? If not, how?

Thanks for putting up with this newbies uninformed questions.
Just trying to get up to speed.


Frank Morton
fmorton at

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