Kaffe code optimisation

Veeral Shah veerals at csa.iisc.ernet.in
Fri Sep 10 00:02:48 PDT 1999

  I am trying to implement a new register allocation algorithm (run time
on the  native code generated by kaffe on ultra-sparc processor..
My problem is that the raw native code which kaffe generates is too
unoptimised for 
the above algorithm to give better run time result ..I even dont rule
out the possibility of
first optmising the native code (using standard algorithms for 1)copy
propagation 2)dead code elimination ) in an extra parse .. But i cant
figure out the effort (in man hours) that will be involved in that phase
as my aim is to check only the register allocation algo performance on
run time code..
  If any developer/researcher who has already tried doing optimisation
on the code could he
guide me / suggest any idea by which i can reduce the effort involved in
optimisation phase ..
  Any suggestion or hint will be a great help..

Thanks a lot in advance..
Veeral Shah

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