seg fault - core dumped

Carlyle J. Roberts c.roberts at
Wed Apr 5 22:10:51 PDT 2000

Hi there, I seem to be having problems getting kaffe working. I have tried both the 1.0.5 and the cvs snap versions. It seems to compile successfully but when I try "make check" each of the tests fails and gives a segmentation fault - core dumped.

I am using FreeBSD - 2.2.7 (which uses aout format so I think that prevents me from being able to use the packaged FreeBSD port - cause it seems to be elf).

During compilation I also got some warnings saying that "inter-library dependencies are not known to be supported. All declared inter-library dependencies are being dropped." Libtool could not satisfy all declared inter-library dependencies of modules libnative, libzip, libmath, libsecurity. Therefore a static module would be created. 
I did not find anything in the mail list archives that looked similar. I also checked to make sure that gcc was using "-g" and "O2". I hope that someone can give some help here.

My system particulars:
gcc version
gmake 3.78.1
bash 2.03
LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/lib:/usr/local/lib:/usr/X11R6/lib

the configure line was: "configure --prefix=/usr/local/kaffe --with-gnu-ld"
(note: kaffe was never previously installed on this machine)

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