Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Thu Apr 13 09:33:05 PDT 2000

> 1) It looks like the thread does not get suspended?
> ==> The assertion in ./systems/unix-pthread/thread-impl.h fails:
> assert(nt->suspendState == SS_SUSPENDED);

That's kaffe-level "suspend" and not the pthread-level suspend.  Given 
the next error you encounter, I suspect that the synchronization stuff 
isn't working for you...  Are you on a multiprocessor box?

> However, if I comment it out, the following error occurs!
> 2)
> ==> locks.c:147: failed assertion `*lkp == LOCKINPROGRESS'

Look at locks.[ch], and see if the atomic compare stuff is being
defined correctly for your system.

In the future, it would help if you said which test cases you were
running (or all if they all fail...) and if you could get a backtrace
via gdb or some other debugger, that would also be good.

AFAIK, the unix-pthreads port has only really been tested on Linux, so 
you're probably breaking new ground here.


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