Kaffe core dumps

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Wed Feb 2 19:34:22 PST 2000

Give us more information, including but not limited to:
- the configure line you used.
- the version of gcc you used.
- the output of ldd /usr/local/kaffe/libexec/Kaffe
- a full stacktrace
- your CLASSPATH setting (if any)
- your LD_LIBRARY_PATH (if any)

It's impossible to guess from little you provided since the problem
does not appear to appear elsewhere.

	- Godmar

> I'm trying to get Kaffe working but am not having any luck.  I downloaded
> the gmp-2.0.2 and it compiles, but now it crashes anytime I try to run
> a class.  (I can print a usage message though).  This is with the snaphot
> or 1.0.5, statically linked or dynamic.  Here's the error:
> larissa:~$ kaffe hello
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
> larissa:~$ gdb /usr/local/kaffe/libexec/Kaffe core
> GDB is free software and you are welcome to distribute copies of it
>  under certain conditions; type "show copying" to see the conditions.
> There is absolutely no warranty for GDB; type "show warranty" for details.
> GDB 4.16 (i486-slackware-linux), 
> Copyright 1996 Free Software Foundation, Inc...
> Core was generated by `/usr/local/kaffe/libexec/Kaffe hello'.
> Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
> find_solib: Can't read pathname for load map: I/O error
> #0  0x29 in ?? ()
> (gdb) where
> #0  0x29 in ?? ()
> #1  0x4025c8e2 in ?? () from /lib/libc.so.5
> (gdb) 
> When I had a similar problem with Japhar it was with failing to 
> explicitly link to -lpthread.  Could there be something similar here?
> I'm on i386-Linux 2.0.33.  I've got libc6, so I'm not sure where this
> libc5 thing is coming from.
> Sorry if these questions are really dumb.
> -- 
> Aaron M. Renn (arenn at urbanophile.com) http://www.urbanophile.com/arenn/

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