Derek L Davies ddavies at
Mon Feb 7 13:16:38 PST 2000

Patrick Tullmann <tullmann at> writes:
> Its always easier to wrap a flexible interface an present it as a less 
> flexible one, so I suggest going with the 'this' pointer approach.  If 
> it turns out that all the JVMDI code in the world is written to the
> singleton, no-this-pointer approach it should be pretty easy to wrap.
> Going the other way is much harder, I think.

I think I agree with Patrick.  And I've pretty much written it already
using the 'this' approach.  I need to resolve a few issues in my
implementation and then I'll give up the code.  At this point it's
only a skeleton interface, no real functionality.  I started with the
non-this approach but then changed to the this approach, so it's fairly
easy to go either way...

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