LOC header signature bad [BUG in ZipInputStream]

Hiroshi Oota oota at LSi.nec.co.jp
Mon Feb 7 17:28:32 PST 2000

Hi, all.

The class ZipInputStream does not read `central direcroty file header'
in zipfile. Some zipfile contains a few extra bytes before `local file
header`. This information was written in `central directory file
header'. These extra bytes would abort jar command.

I enclosed small test file. you can examine that extra bytes, using
`UnZip 5.40 of 28 November 1998, by Info-ZIP'.
try `unzip -Z -v test.zip'.

Sorry, currentry I have no time to fix this bug.

Central directory entry #3:

  There are an extra 16 bytes preceding this file.
  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  <==========


  offset of local header from start of archive:     19818 (00004D6Ah) bytes
  file system or operating system of origin:        MS-DOS, OS/2 or NT FAT
  version of encoding software:                     2.0

				oota at LSi.nec.co.jp
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