Compiling with KJC

Peter DeLaurentis delauren at
Fri Feb 18 22:55:55 PST 2000

I am endeavoring to make some useful modifications to Kaffe - and the first step in this is getting Kaffe to build and successfully run Java applications.  I am running on Windows 98, using CygWin32, and I have gotten Kaffe to successfully build.

Now, I am attempting to run Java apps using my built kaffe, and am running into some problems.  When I test simple non AWT applications - they compile and run flawlessly.  But when libraries such as, or java.awt are included - the included java compiler fails with the error message:

assertion "!INTS_DISABLED()" failed: file "exception.c", line 308

Tracing into the code - it would seem that interrupts are disabled in a place that they should be enabled.  If anyone has seen this error and could give me some hint as to what I could do to remedy it, please let me know.

Thank you,
Peter DeLaurentis
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