Consumer of an Applet ?

Jedi/Sector One j at
Sun Feb 27 02:18:27 PST 2000

		Hello !

	Does anyone knows how to get the ImageConsumer of an Applet ? Ie. what
you deliver your pixel to when you do a drawImage() in your paint()
methode ?
	I walked thru the source of Kaffe and saw setPixels() was the last
portable called method that feeds data to a Consumer. And I would like
to know if it was possible to directly call setPixels() in an applet to
draw a frame buffer without using a MemoryImageSource. Kaffe seems to
have interesting optimizations for a MemoryImageSource/drawImage
couplet, but this is not the case of all JVM. It's why I would like to
know if there is a shorter way to do it.
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