The JIT Icode Insn Set

Samuel Sanseri sanseri at
Wed Jan 5 09:39:36 PST 2000

Edouard G. Parmelan wrote:

> It's a great job, thanks!  But could you avoid send a so big file in a
> mailing-list?  Simply send a mail notification that you have made
> changes and that new version could be downloaded from your homepage.
> You clame table is based on Kaffe pre-release 1.0b4 it's quite old,
> current release is 1.0.5.  Could you check your table with current CVS
> Tree ?
> Please that move_float_const() and move_double_const() should check for
> +0.0 and -0.0, it's a fix for bug PR#122.  In C, +0.0 == -0.0 so you
> need check 0.0 and then bit sign (1 << 63).
> Again, thanks for your document. 
> -- 
> Edouard G. Parmelan

Thanks very much for your comments!  All future updates will be posted to
my homepage only and I will post notices to this list.  I will post an 
announcement when I have updated the table for release 1.0.5.  I have
updated my page for fix PR#122 to move_float_const and move_double_const. 


Samuel Sanseri
sanseri at

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