AWT library for WinNT

Archie Cobbs archie at
Wed Jan 12 09:32:58 PST 2000

Edward Llewellyn writes:
> I think I know why I'm getting the error message when trying to run an AWT
> program on 
> WinNT.  Unlike all the other libraries under kaffe-snap/libraries/clib, no
> file is generated.
> I see in my /kaffe/lib/kaffe directory,,
>, and so on,
> one for each subdirectory under clib, but none for awt.  Upon further
> investigation,
> the Makefile for the awt directory doesn't even have a target of
> (or any .la for
> that matter).
> I'll try modifying the make file to actually make the awt directory's .la
> file.
> Is that right?  Is awt for WinNT disabled for some reason?

There might be some problem with "configure" disabling AWT because
it didn't find the right stuff installed on your site.  I would try
to trace the tests in (search for 'AWT').


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