Bytecode verifier

Aaron M. Renn arenn at
Thu Jan 13 06:43:09 PST 2000

Tim Wilkinson (tim at wrote:
> As anyone who has looked at Kaffe's verifier will know, it's not very
> complete - in fact I'd say it is little more than a pre-pass for the
> JIT.  Now I'd like to change this and actually include a real verifier
> but before I go off and write a real one I'd like to know whether I'm
> simply reinventing the wheel - is there an Open Source Java bytecode
> verifier anywhere in the world?

I don't think it's done, but someone was working on a byte code verifier
for Japhar.  I'd try posting a message to that list as well.

Aaron M. Renn (arenn at

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