Multiple instances of Kaffe

Archie Cobbs archie at
Thu Jan 20 17:49:04 PST 2000

Edward Llewellyn writes:
> Is it possible we could run multiple instances of Kaffe on the same Java
> program?  The reason I ask is because
> we have an embedded app with two screens (for two users).  We may need to
> run multiple copies of
> a browser, one for each user, or possibly multiple copies of other programs.
> I tried running Kaffe twice on the same .class file, and while this
> sometimes works, it also sometimes
> crashes with a NullPointerException on one of the instances.   What's the
> problem here?  Is Kaffe
> not reenterent?  I would think at least some of it would be in order to
> support multiple threads
> in a single app.
> I attempted this on Windows NT, with Kaffe compiled with Cygnus Solutions'
> cygwin32.  I tried running
> Kaffe both in one bash shell (with one in the background) and two bash
> shells.

This sounds like an NT/cygwin problem.. on UNIX of course you can
always run the same code in two different processes.


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