Multiple instances of Kaffe

Godmar Back gback at
Thu Jan 20 19:34:21 PST 2000

> Edward Llewellyn writes:
> > Is it possible we could run multiple instances of Kaffe on the same Java
> > program?  The reason I ask is because
> > we have an embedded app with two screens (for two users).  We may need to
> > run multiple copies of
> > a browser, one for each user, or possibly multiple copies of other programs.
> > 
> > I tried running Kaffe twice on the same .class file, and while this
> > sometimes works, it also sometimes
> > crashes with a NullPointerException on one of the instances.   What's the
> > problem here?  Is Kaffe
> > not reenterent?  I would think at least some of it would be in order to
> > support multiple threads
> > in a single app.
> > 
> > I attempted this on Windows NT, with Kaffe compiled with Cygnus Solutions'
> > cygwin32.  I tried running
> > Kaffe both in one bash shell (with one in the background) and two bash
> > shells.
> This sounds like an NT/cygwin problem.. on UNIX of course you can
> always run the same code in two different processes.

I believe that's not quite what was asked.

If kaffe, for instance, opened .class files in exclusive mode (and kept
them open), you couldn't run two instances of kaffe on the same .class files.
This is possible in Unix also.  I don't think we do that, though.

I also suspect it's a problem that's specific to kaffe on NT/cygwin.
Make sure you're not searching in the wrong direction; maybe it's an 
intermittent problem that's not restricted to the second instance at all.

	- Godmar

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