large Class.forName() patch

Archie Cobbs archie at
Mon Jan 31 12:54:11 PST 2000

Mo DeJong writes:
> Ok, if you have a class named "int" then the JVM should load
> that when you call forName("int"). I am not sure what Kaffe
> would do in this case because it already uses the name "int"
> for the primitive class "I". I think the best way to make
> the regression test check for this is to ensure that
> a loaded class (like "int") is not a primitive type.

So we should fix kaffe internally. It shouldn't use "int" as
an internal name for the integer primitive class, because that
clashes with int.class; instead, let's use "I" like we're supposed
to, and maybe define a macro:


and use INTEGER_PRIMITIVE_CLASS instead of "int".. would this work?


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