Problem finding libraries (an attempt at OJI for Kaffe/Mozilla)...

Moshe Vainer moshev at
Tue Jul 4 08:25:45 PDT 2000

I may be absolutely wrong on this one, and I have no real knowledge
about kaffe, but if i understand the issues correctly:

Mozilla will load if you put it in plugins directory, and this is the usual way
of installing your OJI plugin.

If you make your so that it would be linked (may be statically) with whatever
libraries kaffe needs, it might be a solution for your problem.

Rgrds, (and sorry if this only adds my confusion to yours)
Moshe Vainer
moshev at

James wrote:

> This is probably a simple problem to solve, but I'm new to Kaffe. I have the Kaffe JVM
> v1.0.5 running on Linux 2.2.15.  I have been tinkering with creating an OJI plugin for
> Mozilla (M16) that supports Kaffe.  To see some signs of life, I wrote a small stand
> alone program that takes an URL, instantiates the JVM, obtains an AppletViewer class and
> provides the URL to that class.  It works great, and displays the applet in a little
> popup window. To get it to run on my machine however, I have to set the following
> environment variable: export KAFFELIBRARYPATH=/usr/local/lib/kaffe Even though the Kaffe
> documentation says I shouldn't have to change any environment variables, I had to set
> the above or it complained that it could not find 'libnative'. Now, when I modified my
> stand alone executable to load as a plugin in Mozilla, I get an error stating that Kaffe
> can't open 'io' (it throws up a big list of exceptions, with the call to load the 'io'
> library being the cause) when I try and call JNI_CreateJavaVM().  I scanned my system
> and is placed in the /usr/local/lib/kaffe.  I added that path to my
> and reran 'ldconfig'.  My stand alone program still works great; I can't figure out why
> it won't run within Mozilla. Any ideas?  Is anyone else (or has anyone else) done any
> work on an OJI plugin for Kaffe? Thanks,James Ketrenosketrenoj at

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