rmi class downloading

Lindeijer, D.G. D.G.lindeijer at WBMT.TUDELFT.NL
Tue Jul 18 05:50:22 PDT 2000


I am developing a distributed application and I can't get kaffe JVM to work
correctly. The problem is that kaffes rmi-implementation wants to download
too much from the remote web-server, in particular it attempts to download
[Ljava.rmi.server.ObjID; which it should not. The result is that everything
hangs because the request can not be honored.

So what I want to do is stop downloading of classes alltogether and simply
make the stub-classes available locally. (I can live without remote
polymorphism for the time being). Unfortunately kaffe likes downloading
classes even if the classes are available locally (in the jar-file
containing the main) and the security policy is null and the
RMISecurityManager is not set. I have the impression kaffe-rmi starts
downloading as soon as it sees a codebase, I can't not set the codebase on
the server exporting the stub because otherwise my rmi-registry refuses to
accept it.

Is there something I don't understand? Does anyone know how to tell kaffe to
stop downloading?

David Lindeijer.

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