Blocked Threads with JNI loop

Clemens Kühnle clemens.kuehnle at
Wed Jul 19 01:40:50 PDT 2000


I'm testing the RXTX COMMAPI Implementation with kaffe 1.0.5 on Linux Suse 6.3.( comm.jar and some native libs from RXTX )
Kaffe is configured and compiled with default settings.
I got the following problem:
The Application using COMMAPI can start an Event Listener to get Events when
data is on the serial line or when signals have changed.
This Event Listener is a java thread calling a native c-function loop.
I changed the c-function for simplicity to while(1){sleep(10000);break;}
As soon as the Event Listener is started all other threads are blocked ( no more system.println() ) When the Listener is stopped the other threads work again.
Without the call of the native function in the java listener thread all threads are running normal.
The Implementation is working without this error with the sun jvm.

Can somebody help me?
Is this a problem in the JNI Implementation or some Version conflict?


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