Blocked Threads with JNI loop

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Wed Jul 19 12:53:15 PDT 2000

> I changed the c-function for simplicity to while(1){sleep(10000);break;}

You need to call a version of sleep() that Kaffe's threading system
will know about.  (You're putting the whole process to sleep, not just
one thread.)

I don't know what the correct JNI call is, but in Kaffe you could call
'jthread_sleep()'....  Perhaps the right thing is to, invoke the
Thread.sleep() method on the current Thread.  (You should be able to
do that via standard JNI static method invocation.)

BTW, in looking through the source, I noticed that Kaffe no longer
uses jthread_sleep() for anything.  (Thread.sleep() is implemented as
a timeout on a condition variable wait.)


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