Transvirtual Technologies Delivers Consolidated, Open Source KaffeT Implementation

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Fri Jul 21 15:39:07 PDT 2000

JULY 19, 2000

Transvirtual Technologies Delivers Consolidated, Open Source Kaffe™

Single "Run-Anywhere" Kaffe Implementation for Embedded and Desktop Systems

OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada, July 19, 2000 – At the 2000 Ottawa Linux Symposium
here, Transvirtual Technologies, Inc., developers of the award-winning Kaffe
cross-platform development environment, today announced consolidation of its
Kaffe implementations for desktop and embedded systems. In addition,
Transvirtual announced plans to deliver the single Kaffe implementation as
Open Source code under the GNU General Public License (GPL) by the fourth
quarter of this year.

"Transvirtual's Kaffe is already used and respected by tens of thousands of
software developers," said Michael Dortch, Senior Research Analyst with the
Robert Frances Group, an information technology advisory service for
business executives. "The consolidation of Transvirtual's desktop and
embedded Kaffe implementations will ease application development and improve
scalability, while its availability under the GNU GPL adds the power of
developers worldwide to Transvirtual's considerable internal programming

"With Kaffe, we delivered the industry's first true 'run-anywhere'
cross-platform development environment," said Tim Wilkinson, founder and CEO
of Transvirtual. "We are excited by the prospects created by consolidating
our desktop and embedded Kaffe implementations and making them freely
available as Open Source code."

Kaffe and Open Source: Software Synergy

Kaffe, Transvirtual's award-winning, cross-platform environment, is a
totally independent, "clean room" implementation of the PersonalJava 3.0
specification, requiring no source code licenses from Sun Microsystems.
Kaffe is a full Java Virtual Machine written to the PersonalJava (JDK 1.3)
specifications, and includes a full implementation of the PersonalJava Class
Libraries, as well as integrated classes for handling graphics, file
management and networking.

Kaffe is the only JVM to support technologies from both Sun and Microsoft,
including Microsoft's extensions for Windows and Windows CE. Kaffe also
supports Linux, Sun's Solaris and DOS operating environments, as well as all
leading processors for desktop, handheld and embedded systems, including the
growing range of Internet and information appliances appearing around the
world. Kaffe is efficient, compact, easy to install and configure, and
optimized for rapid application development and deployment.

By consolidating its desktop and embedded Kaffe implementations,
Transvirtual will ensure that enhancements will be made and delivered
consistently across the spectrum of platforms and environments supported by
Kaffe. In addition, by making Kaffe available under a General Public
License, Transvirtual will be able to leverage the efforts of tens of
thousands of developers worldwide to add features and performance
enhancements to Kaffe. To date, developers have downloaded more than 100,000
copies of the Open Source desktop Kaffe implementation from Transvirtual's
Web site (at, where the consolidated version and
related information will soon be available.

About Transvirtual

Transvirtual Technologies, Inc., is a Berkeley, California corporation that
provides multiple-platform solutions for embedded systems, Internet
appliances, and desktop machines. Transvirtual's major customers include
Compaq, Microsoft, and Schlumberger. Tim Wilkinson, Transvirtual's founder
and CEO, was the original developer of Schlumberger's SmartCard.
Transvirtual's flagship product, Kaffe, won the 1998 JavaWorld Editor's
Choice Award for the Best Java Virtual Machine, beating both Microsoft and
Sun. Over 100,000 copies of the free Open Source version of Kaffe have been
downloaded from the Web. Kaffe is bundled with Red Hat and Debian's Linux

Further information is available by telephone at (US) +800/828-3022, by fax
at (US) +510/559-3287, by e-mail to info at or at on the Web.

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