reporting bugs for kaffe-1.0.5

Mo DeJong mdejong at
Tue Jun 13 05:55:24 PDT 2000

> 2) I think that the jar packager is broken for if I specify a manifest
> file, it says that unexpected end of file in line 1.
> I have tried with more manifest files, and it doesnt works.

The jar tool for version 1.0.5 was totally broken. It is fixed
now, you would need to get a CVS version. That brings up a
good point, when is a 1.0.6 release going to be made? Red Hat
7.0 is now in beta and I don't want to see another version
shipped with kaffe 1.0.5.

> I also think that it can't update files, but I have tried it only once 
> (now I use zip for this)

The "update" feature in Sun's jar for JDK 1.2 was not implemented.
I could not think of a good way to do it other than just extracting
the whole archive into a temp directory and then creating a whole
new archive. If you would like to add that feature, the code is here:


Mo Dejong
Red Hat Inc.

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