Utility for checking API compatibility with JDK

Stuart Ballard sballard at netreach.net
Tue Jun 13 06:24:57 PDT 2000

John Leuner wrote:
> > $ java-jdk11 net.wuffies.japi.Japize -f $JAVAHOME/lib/classes.zip java >
> > jdk11.japi
> I can't compile Japize because it depends on java.util.zip. Is it possible
> to make it work on plain filesystem tree?

Submit patches ;) Seriously though, there are a couple of options - I
know that someone has produced java.util.zip for Classpath by running a
perl script over libgcj's implementations, so you could use that (I also
expect that some form of java.util.zip will be implemented in classpath
very soon, judging by the number of times implementation approaches get
discussed here). Anyone have the URL to those generated source files?

The other option, as you suggest, is to run against a filesystem tree.
I'll try to add support for this sometime this week; I'll report back
once I get this working. I won't be removing the zip support, so you'll
probably still have to *compile* against a classes.zip that contains it
(I'll post a binary along with the source for anyone who doesn't have a
JDK or kaffe installed) but the filesystem version should run without
any j.u.z present.

(In case anyone does want to submit patches, there's an embryonic
webpage for Japize and japicompat at http://stuart.wuffies.net/japi/ -
it doesn't have anything much on it yet including usage instructions,
but it does have links to the latest sources which I've already changed
a bit since what I posted).

Thanks for trying it out :)


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