exception.c:250: dispatchException: Assertion...

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Wed Jun 14 11:45:42 PDT 2000

Kevin Gamiel wrote:
> Using jre1.2.2, redhat linux 6.1 (2.2.12-20) to test a highly threaded
> parallel search client developed with blackdown's jdk.  It doesn't get
> far, throwing:

'jre1.2.2' is a Sun product (unless someone is packaging Kaffe
funny).  Do you know what version of Kaffe you are using?  'kaffe
-version' will tell you.

> Kaffe: exception.c:250: dispatchException: Assertion `!intsDisabled()'
> failed.

This assert is triggered if an exception is thrown when Kaffe's
internal interrupts are blocked.  It is most definetly a problem in
Kaffe and should never be triggered by even the worst Java code.

There was a similar problem fixed in the CVS version of Kaffe about
one month ago.  If you give the CVS version of Kaffe a try, the
problem should go away.  (I'm assuming you're acutally using an older


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