Nightly regression tests

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Mon Mar 6 09:13:32 PST 2000


We (the Flux Research group at the University of Utah) have recently
added Kaffe testing to Flest, our automated regression testing system.
Interested parties can sign up for the once-per-night mail by sending
an email to:
	majordomo at
with the body:
	subscribe kaffe-nightlytests

There will be no other traffic besides the nightly test report on this
list.  You can get details and see an example report at the Janos
Project's Kaffe web page:

The test suite checks out a new clean snapshot of Kaffe from Kaffe's
public CVS repository, configures it, compiles it, installs it and
runs 'make check' on it. The following configurations of Kaffe are

	--disable-debug --with-engine=intrp --with-staticlib --with-staticvm

We run these tests on a FreeBSD 3.0++ system.  (Currently only the
ArrayForName test is failing on all configurations, and the is failing under the 3rd configuration).

The daily report includes a summary of the number of tests that passed
and failed, and output from any failures.

Please contact me (tullmann at or
owner-kaffe-nightlytests at if you have any questions
or problems.

-Pat Tullmann
For the University of Utah Flux Research Group

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