Nightly regression tests

Pavel Roskin pavel_roskin at
Mon Mar 6 14:04:46 PST 2000

Hello, Patrick!

> There will be no other traffic besides the nightly test report on this
> list.  You can get details and see an example report at the Janos
> Project's Kaffe web page:

hmtl -> html

I think that it only makes sence to send a report if it has changed.
Perhaps you could send a diff and a comment saying where to find the
complete report.

If you do so, I don't think that there will be more that one report per
week. Maybe you could simply send reports to this list.

> The test suite checks out a new clean snapshot of Kaffe from Kaffe's
> public CVS repository, configures it, compiles it, installs it and
> runs 'make check' on it. The following configurations of Kaffe are
> tested:

Please don't forget to recompile all java classes. If a java source file
is broken, I want to get the report immediately, and not after rebuilding

> 	--enable-debug
> 	--disable-debug
> 	--disable-debug --with-engine=intrp --with-staticlib --with-staticvm

How about --with-threads=unix-pthreads? But probably FreeBSD doesn't
support it yet :-(

Anyway, thank you for your efforts!

Pavel Roskin

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