Kaffe package for Linux Mandrake

Maurizio DE CECCO maurizio at mandrakesoft.com
Tue Mar 14 03:18:14 PST 2000

Hi again,

i am currently taking care of the kaffe package for the next Linux Mandrake

I also develop in Java using kaffe, and i had quite a lot of problems
with the kjc version included in the kaffe 1.0.5, in particular getting
ClassNotFound exceptions instead of syntax error reports in some case,
and a deadlock in the middle of the compilation; both were very difficult to
reproduce with a small code base.

Anyway, our code compile just fine with the lastest kjc (1.4C), so i would
like to include this one in the distribution (ok, there are still bugs
are discussed here before, but it is usable).

What the kaffe people would prefer:
     1- i make a 1.0.5 distribution adding the kjc 1.4C as a patch.
     2- i take the latest snapshot (is it stable enough ??), that i understood
        include the newest kjc.
     3- I wait for the kaffe 1.0.6 (or whatever) ?

Another slightly related point: is this the place where to post
bug reports and patches ? 

Some weeks ago i tried to use the bug report
system but without a lot of success; and sometimes i have fixes to propose :->


Maurizio De Cecco
MandrakeSoft 		http://www.mandrakesoft.com/

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