kjc update

Edouard G. Parmelan Edouard.Parmelan at quadratec.fr
Tue Mar 14 06:01:48 PST 2000

Patrick Tullmann wrote:

> I don't know which broken version is better.  :)  Hopefully the KJC
> folks will have another official release soon.

Yes KJC folks have new version but only in there CVS Tree, I have miss
that :(

I have compile it and update kaffe to KJC 1.4D released on 13/02/2000

I have validate it with
. make Klasses
. make check [only one test fail: ArrayForName]
. DoWhileCompilerBug.java from Patrick Tullmann
. InheritOverideException.java from Mo DeJong

Hope this help
Edouard G. Parmelan

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