Add javax.* packages

C Pedley cp114 at
Thu Nov 16 03:56:26 PST 2000

I have been trying to create a new package in the
kaffe-1.0.6/libraries/extensions folder using kaffe 1.0.6
under Linux.  This sounds a quite simple task, however I'm
having lots of problems and beginning to think there must
be some sort of black magic involved in getting this to
work.  I'd appreciate any comments or references to
documentation that might explain a little more how to
do this.

My approach so far has been:  I have a new package I wish
to create, say called  So I created a new folder
in the libraries/extensions folder, and then copied the
directory structure and format from the servlet
package that is located here (obviously changing "servlet"
to "new" wherever this is appropriate).  However, when
attempting to use these makefiles an error is thrown as
it doesn't know how to build the new.jar archive.  Any


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