Add javax.* packages

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Thu Nov 16 08:59:07 PST 2000

> My approach so far has been: I have a new package I wish to create,
> say called So I created a new folder in the
> libraries/extensions folder, and then copied the directory structure
> and format from the servlet package that is located here
> (obviously changing "servlet" to "new" wherever this is
> appropriate).

You've got the right approach.  I've got a similar library installed,
and it works.  (Though I performed all the black magic several months
ago and, of course, have forgotten the most critical bits.)

> However, when attempting to use these makefiles an error is thrown
> as it doesn't know how to build the new.jar archive.  Any ideas?

Could you send me/us the actual error message?  You updated the
libraries/extensions/ to include your new directory, right?
Does the 'build-classes' target work if you invoke that directly?
(Just cd into your object tree libraries/extensions/new/ and run 'make 


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