Add javax.* packages

C Pedley cp114 at
Sun Nov 19 08:45:58 PST 2000

On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Patrick Tullmann wrote:

> Could you send me/us the actual error message?  You updated the
> libraries/extensions/ to include your new directory, right?
> Does the 'build-classes' target work if you invoke that directly?
> (Just cd into your object tree libraries/extensions/new/ and run 'make 
> build-classes'.)

The error I get it is of the form:
"No rule to make target new.jar, needed by all-am. Stop"

I have updated libraries/extension/ to include the
new directory.

Trying "make build-classes" responds with:
"No rule to make target 'build-classes'. Stop"

I've also been tring to modify and place the
modified version in Klasses.jar but attempting to "make
build-classes" with that responds with:
"./rebuildLib: .../kaffe-1.0.6/kaffe/kaffe/Kaffe: No
 such file or directory
 make: *** [lib/stamp] Error 127"

As you can see, I'm having a lot of trouble getting anything to
build.  Is there documentation about this anywhere?


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