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Maxim Kizub M.Kizub at post.skynet.lt
Tue Nov 21 17:53:23 PST 2000

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Hello kaffe,

  I wish to use java as a scripting language
for a game. So, I need _fast_ calls between
java and C++ (it's written on C++). Also,
it must run under Win32 and Linux (for now).
So, MS VC++ and egcs are our primary compilers.
Well, JNI is not sutable. It takes forever to
call a native methods, and it's highly
unconvinient. gcj is not the case too, since
it works with gcc only, i.e. it's be inpossible
to debug under MS VC++.
The only way I found - is to use kaffe's KNI.
It's fast, very convinient (especially, after
I rewrite kaffeh to be more friendly with C++ ;-)).

The only problem - I need kaffe to be compiled
with MS VC++. But first, it doesn't compile
with cygnus right now too - looks like the
problem is with libtools.

Well. IMHO, one way to support kaffe under
win32 is to make _separate_ projects for
MS VC++. It will allow to avoid instant
problems with automake/autoconf/libtools
under Win32, and will make ability to
compiler under win32 mostly permanent.

So, anyone tryed to compile kaffe with MS VC++?
If yes - can you send me projects and workplaces?
Also, it whould be fine to have them in cvs...

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Best regards,
 Maxim                          mailto:M.Kizub at post.skynet.lt

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