Does KAFFE really support plain DOS ?

Jiro KANAYAMA majiro at
Fri Nov 24 04:08:32 PST 2000

Hi, kaffe folks

bep> Does KAFFE really support plain DOS ?

I don't know that original kaffe support plain DOS,
but we have the modified one that run on DOS.

It was maintained by Freeware Distribution Services Co.,Ltd.
But now it is maintained by us(Open Java Environment).

Now we offer the english document for KaffePC.
Also, Mr. Karl had supported AWT and compiling environment on Linux
for KaffePC.
(Originally, KaffePC doesn't have AWT and use djgpp for compile it)

However, unfortunately, we use very older version of kaffe(1.0.3).
Once some people tried to port the recent version of kaffe to DOS,
but I don't hear that sombody success to it.

Recently KaffePC project is not active but we will restart it on our
new site.

Best regards,

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