Linking problems with Kaffe VM

Godmar Back gback at
Fri Nov 24 18:03:56 PST 2000

> (a) Kaffe should keep its namespace clean

Yes, we should really prefix all our global symbols.
It's such a mess.

> (b) On ELF systems ISTM that you could link Kaffe with -Bsymbolic.  This
> is not infinitely portable though.  (Maybe something for libtool?)  Also,

I don't know what -Bsymbolic does, and I have a hunch I don't want to know,
especially since I read that it could be something for libtool.

> since Kaffe 1.0.6 doesn't build on RH 7.0, I can't even begin to test this
> now.

I noticed that too.
You need to specify --disable-gcj on the configure line to make it work.
We should probably make that the default since nobody seems to
want to work on it at this time.

	- Godmar

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