unix-pthread problems with tvt-kaffe

Sergey Voitseh svoitseh at cms.vinnica.ua
Fri Nov 17 05:08:22 PST 2000

     I've downloaded tvt-kaffe_1.0.6-5.tar.gz and compiled it on RedHat linux
6.2, i386, X:

./configure --prefix=/opt/tvt --with-threads=unix-pthread
make install

There are no errors while compiling.

I'm trying to launch this java application by "kaffe -v -verbosecall Gui".

import java.awt.Frame;

public class Gui {
     public static void main(String args[]) {
          Frame f = new Frame("Hello world");
          f.setSize(200, 100);

But it does not work properly - kaffe just halts on
java/awt/EventQueue.getNextEvent() call.
I'm using tvt-kaffecore_1.0.6-4.tar.gz classes.

The same application works perfectly when kaffe is configured as
./configure --prefix=/opt/tvt --with-threads=unix-jthreads

But I need to run it using linux native threads. Is it possible on i386?

The same situation on NetWinder (ARM linux, 2.2.13 kernel). Is it possible to
run it on NetWinder with pthreads under (or with-out) X?


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