Error on StrongArm Linux !

Dony u8812524 at
Mon Nov 20 20:53:34 PST 2000

   When I exec /bin/java on StrongArm  , the console shows the following error messages:

        sh: prefix=/usr/local/kaffe_arm/: No such file or directory
        sh: exec_prefix=${prefix}: No such file or directory
        sh: exec: No such file or directory

   But the files indeed are in the /usr/local/kaffe_arm/ directory.Why  this happen?

 ps : Platform: StrongArm 1110
        Os: Linux-2.4.0-test6-rmk5-np2
        Kaffe vresion: 1.0.5
        Cross Compiler Method:
         #   CC=arm-linux-gcc LD=arm-linux-ld NM=arm-linux-nm \
              AR=arm-linux-ar   RANLIB=arm-linux-ranlib \
              ./configure --host=arm-linux  --target=arm-linux  --prefix=/usr/local/kaffe_arm/

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