Error on StrongArm Linux !

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Tue Nov 21 10:12:01 PST 2000

>    When I exec /bin/java on StrongArm  , the console shows the following error messages:
>         sh: prefix=/usr/local/kaffe_arm/: No such file or directory
>         sh: exec_prefix=${prefix}: No such file or directory
>         sh: exec: No such file or directory

The complaint means that the executable
is not found. Of course it is not, it should be interpreted as setting
an environment variable. How are you executing the script? What shell
is your sh?

>    But the files indeed are in the /usr/local/kaffe_arm/ directory.Why  this happen?
>  ps : Platform: StrongArm 1110
>         Os: Linux-2.4.0-test6-rmk5-np2
>         Kaffe vresion: 1.0.5
>         Cross Compiler Method:
>          #   CC=arm-linux-gcc LD=arm-linux-ld NM=arm-linux-nm \
>               AR=arm-linux-ar   RANLIB=arm-linux-ranlib \
>               ./configure --host=arm-linux  --target=arm-linux  --prefix=/usr/local/kaffe_arm/

A bit different from what I try to do (test8 and 1.0.6)

Btw, I try native compiling on a skiff (,
perhaps that would make things a bit easier for you, too?

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