Problem with SPARC Linux

Nic Ferrier nferrier at
Sun Oct 15 06:17:36 PDT 2000

>>Godmar wrote

>Which OS is this? 

Errr... See the header.

>Check that the SP_OFFSET value is correct (compile and run 
>developers/sp_offset.c and compare to config/sparc/youros/...h) 

Yes... Patrick advisaed me to do that.

   config/sparc/threads.h   defines SP_OFFSET=1
   config/sparc/linux/md.h   undef SP_OFFSET

so I guess SP_OFFSET==0 for Linux.

When I run developers/sp_offset I get 0.

Patrick thought that might indicate that the stack pointer offset has
changed in SPARC Linux.


PS: Sorry to anyone who has replied to me on this... my mail's been
down thanks to my ISP deciding to f**k up my DNS.

If you sent me anything on this can you send it again please?

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