Need help with debugging...

Chris Worley cworley at
Wed Oct 25 15:43:21 PDT 2000

I'm trying to build a Kaffe that uses the framebuffer on an x86.

Problem: I get a blue screen and a working mouse, but no keyboard.

I'm using the PocketLinux Kaffe code, with the configuration:

> ./configure --with-ipllib=/<...>/tvt-kaffe-1.0.6/src/ipl/ --with-fgllib=/<...>/tvt-kaffe-1.0.6/src/fgl/ --without-x --with-eawt --with-awt=fgl --with-engine=jit3 --with-fixedpoint --with-threads=unix-pthread --with-kaffeutils --with-jpeg --with-png --with-tiff --with-gif --with-libraries="native,io,net,zip,awt" --with-kbtype="102-us" --without-polling-awt --with-tvt --with-pocketlinux --with-pjava --with-media --with-vmdebug --with-optimize-memory

Whenever I try to invoke a Frame or Window, such as with PocketLinux
or (from the regular x86 kaffe distribution) Calc or WidgetDemo, the
cursor draws, the screen goes blue, and cursor events are processed (I
can move the cursor around the screen, and it's redrawn).  But -- no
PocketLinux, calculator, or widgets are drawn.  Furthermore keyboard
events aren't trapped (they type on the screen, at the bottom, erasing
the blue rectangle).

Can anybody give me a hint as to why keyboard events aren't being
trapped, and what classes kick-off the actual frame drawing?

So far, I've had to axe the fgld_16_i386.h file... the optimizations
cause kaffe to halt.  I've also had to remove the mgetty from tty0,
and run kaffe thru a window telneted into the box.

The fgl was configured with:

> ./configure  --without-x --with-fontpath=/<...>/tvt-kaffe-1.0.6/src/fgl/fonts --with-confdir=/<...>/tvt-kaffe-1.0.6/build-gnu/config

The ipl was configured with:

> ./configure  --with-mou=no --with-confdir=/<...>/tvt-kaffe-1.0.6/build-gnu/config

I'm running glibc 2.1.3 and kernel version 2.4.0-test9.

Any ideas or even a debug methodology would be appreciated.



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