x86 framebuffer kaffe (Re: Need help with debugging...)

Chris Worley cworley at liberate.com
Thu Oct 26 09:16:34 PDT 2000

Chris Worley wrote:
> I'm trying to build a Kaffe that uses the framebuffer on an x86.
> Problem: I get a blue screen and a working mouse, but no keyboard.

I've got keyboard events. In ipl's kbd_tty.c I changed:

>         kbdFd = STDIN_FILENO;

to (stealing some code from fgl's init_fb.c):

>	  char * vtdev = getenv( "VTCTRL");
>	  if ( !vtdev ){
>		vtdev = "/dev/tty0";
>	  }
>	  kbdFd = open(vtdev, O_RDONLY);

So, I've got a blue background screen, a mouse drawing, moving, and
redrawing properly, and mouse and keyboard events being processed.

I've traced my drawing problems: everything is getting called that
needs to get called, it's just not drawing anything (i.e. all of Calc
runs, and is waiting for my input, but other than a blue screen and a
mouse, none of the widgets are drawn.

Any ideas?

> > ./configure  --with-mou=no --with-confdir=/<...>/tvt-kaffe-1.0.6/build-gnu/config

That "--with-mou=no" really is "--with-mou=ps2".  Sorry about that.



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