Problems with kaffe-1.0.6 on alpha

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Tue Sep 5 15:51:39 PDT 2000

Simon Greaves wrote:
> I extracted a fresh copy of the source tree and ran 'configure
> --enable-debug' which seems ok. Then I ran 'make' which fails whilst
> compiling kaffe/kaffevm/debug.c:

Oops.  I'll fix that one.  (We should be using 'jlong'
everywhere... though that causes some problems elsewhere...).  Your
fix should be good enough for the Alpha version.

> Trying the suggestion above with my simple 'HelloWorld' class:
> % /usr/local/bin/kaffe -vmdebug GCDIAG Samp
> mem/gc-mem.c:315: failed assertion `blk->free != 0'
> Abort (core dumped)

Could you get another GDB backtrace from the core file with the
-vmdebug GCDIAG argument?  Perhaps it blew up earlier with the
GC "diagnostics" turned on.

> % /usr/local/bin/kaffe -fullversion

Nothing odd reported here.  Good.

> Ah. I had rather blithely assumed Alpha's were supported... Can anyone
> clarify this? If it's a portability issue, I'd be prepared to put some
> effort into getting it working, though time (and ability :-) may be a
> limiting factor.

Well, if you want to try tracking this down further, you might avoid
the JIT entirely.  Re-configure with '--with-engine=intrp'.  See if
that builds and passes the checks.  Hopefully someone can chime in
with actual experience with Kaffe on an Alpha...

Also, if you're interested in working on this, you should probably get 
the most recent CVS snapshot (see

> > You can check where the classes are actually being loaded from by
> > running a debugging build of Kaffe like:
> > 	'kaffe -vmdebug INITCLASSPATH asdf'
> > That'll print full paths to various .jar files Kaffe is using.
> Looks ok to me..

Yep, looks good to me too.  As long as there isn't anything funny in

Hmm... looking through the logs in config/alpha I messages like:
	Follow ``Calling Standard for Alpha Systems'' and add exceptions
	handling for
	Dec OSF/1 with libexc.
	@@@ Be careful, it's not yet working. @@@

Hopefully, "working" isn't too far off.


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